Any ideas on our mystery chick???


10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
(Northeastern PA)
We received this one from our 4 H leaders bonus chick batch McMurray had sent her (they ordered 300 barred rocks and got rare several freebies). It is 2 1/2 wks old now. Any ideas on what breed he may be? It loves my daughter:) The red spot on his head is how McMurray marked him. It's our punk rocker chick! Our two yr old calls it Tinkerbelle...if it's a rooster we'll call him Mr T


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He's cute... 4-H gives you the chicks to raise? My parents are thinking about letting me join, since I've been wanting chickens soo bad and this is atleast educational and I wanted to know. Sorry for going off topic...
They sold them. The hatchery threw in some freebies and our leader passed this mystery one along to us. Everyone in the club who wants to do the broiler project purchases chicks that are from the same batch and they compete in the county fair. You can do lots of other projects too though...if you google 4 H poultry (and your county,state) you'll probably find their site which probably will list the projects you can do and when the meetings are . Really you don't have to enter any projects to be in the group though ( I think) and go to meetings. They are very informative and my daughter really likes the group a lot!

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