Any ideas on these 3 months old chicks? (EXOTICS FROM MURRAY)

A:Egyptian Fayoumi.

B:Not sure, since I can't see the head. Might be an Easter Egger

C;Might be an Easter Egger or a Partridge Rock.

D:Dark Brahma.

E:Easter Egger.

G:Silver Phoenix or Silver Duckwing Old English Game.

KNot sure which one K is. Buff bird on the left and in the center back are Buff Brahmas. Bird in front stepping towards the camera is likely a Silver Duckwing Old English Game or a Phoenix. Black/white bird facing away is a Lakenvelder. Dark bird with feathered feet is a Dark Brahma. Bird on right pecking at the ground may be a Fayoumi, but I'm not sure from the photo.

L: Buff Brahma.

M:Egyptian Fayoumi in back.
G. Looks like a Phoenix, I own two Silver Duckwings, & white. The silver, and white are about a month old.
0508181838.jpg These are them about 10, or 11 weeks of age.

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