any ideas or solutions for a lethargic hen?

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8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
My rir was acting perfectly normal this morning- I left the house for a few hours and when I came home she was a diffrent bird. First weird thing was she didn't come greet me- she usually follows so closely I trip on her. I found her in a bush staring fluffed up tail down. I set her in her nest box thinking maybe she needed to lay an egg - she just started laying last week and has come crying to me everyday until I physically place her in the box (spoiled I guess). But she eventually jumped out of the box and sat in the livingroom staring- totally unlike her! She eventually wondered back outside where I found her in a different spot staring fluffed tail down.

I read on a different post to give an omega 3 capsule in water (luckily I had exactly 1 left) so I mixed it with water and a tiny bit of a save A chick packet. I got some of it down her throat I think the majority spilled on the sink. And let her wonder back outside.

When I checked her a few min later she was lethargically pecking the ground (so a little better). I mixed the rest of a save a chick packet and brought it out as a treat. Ducks said thanks. The other chicken came to investigate but poo pood it and she totally ignored the entire situation.

Sorry for the play by play! But thank you for reading! Any suggestions??

oh she hasn't laid an egg in maybe 3 days- Altho yesterday we found a "soft egg" in the coop (never seen one before but that's what I was told it was) so if that counts as an egg its been one or 2 days.
Update: she seems a little perkier already. I think ill try to give her what's left of the omega/save a chick solution before bed just in case. -fingers crossed-

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