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Evan Fisher

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Oct 15, 2018
Well, I have noticed that the older chickens are starting to stop greeting me. At first I was scared to death. I had walked outside to my chicken coup and saw that the little ones were eating and drinking fine but the older ones were not... I thought:

"Oh my gosh the little ones must have killed every one of the older chickens!"

I was prepared for there to be blood and feathers all of the place inside the chicken coop. But I still went in. (this is getting somewhere don't worry) I closed my eyes and expected the worse. One of the little ones brushed against my foot and I freaked out and opened my eyes. All the older ones were roosting on our high ledge.

So I realized they were just growing up (finally).

Next Day:
We put pine straw in our nesting boxes and on the ground. Before we had small pellets as a substitution for straw but now we were using pine straw for the nesting boxes. But the chickens didn't seem to like it. They ripped the pine straw and moved it around, eventually disappearing through cracks and sticking to our shoes when we left the coop.

Now they have started to go there every afternoon, and I realize that we need to try again. What should we use now for them to nest? Thanks!

-Evan :rolleyes:

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