Any ideas what breed this chick is?


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Jun 5, 2009
West Michigan
Any ideas what the light colored chick might be?... a cream/yellowish chick with whiteish feathers coming in...

Here she is with my easter egger chicks

She looks exactly like one of my chicks! I'd guess she's an EE too.

edited to add a pic for comparison. She is the yellow w/ gold head on the right. They could be twins!

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really? wow, I didnt realize they came in "light" colors. Very cool. I grabbed her out of the bin at the local feed store because she was the odd ball and I felt bad for her
Wasnt sure what she was and the man there thought maybe Buff Orpington because they had had those previously and thought she may have been a left over, haha. But her feathers are coming in too white for a Buff Orp I think, or so I have been told. I will be excited if she really is a EE too!!! Thanks for the good new everyone
And yes, I love those chipmucky cheeks too!
it's an ee for sure.
my Flapjack was a pure white ee when he was a wee hatchling! look at the handsome devil now! he's in the background. (his ladies Honey Bun and Shoo Fly are in the Forefront there!)

Hi MJ! Very pretty birds! I can only hope mine will turn out so well
As luck should have it shortly after I talked to you on the Michigan forum my local feed store called and had some more EE's in. So, no need to run the chicken train for me but thanks so MUCH for the backup plan...I appreciate how helpful everyone on this site is - you are all so great! Thanks 1trillion times over!!!
I had a couple of light buff EEs in my last batch of chicks. They started out like this:

And now at about 14wks they look like this (the top two):
hey girl! that's great! i love that it worked out so well for you! i am setting 6 eggs from my trio tonight and am excited to see what the sweeties through.

if you decide you have an addiction, you let me know and i'll get Boyd to fire up the engine!

(oh, did i mention i am buying 25 Ameraucanas or EE's this weekend depending on the colors? oops, shoot, i shouldn't tempt you....

Potter...pretty EE's!

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