Any Ideas what breed ?


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Apr 27, 2013
London UK
I am very new to being a chicken keeper and only purchased a few in Feb of this year. I bought 3 bantams (supposedly all from the same brood). One turned out to be a Cock and this is one of the hens. She has very different features to the other two though Including black legs (feathered) and the hidden part of her folded wings are also black. The other 2 do not have the "ruff" of feathers around the face and the cock has cream legs (also feathered) I don't really need to know what breed she actually is ....... but, It would be nice to know........

I'm not entirely sure but she certainly is beautiful!

It might be helpful to have a pic of her standing side on so people can see the posture. c:
This is the "Sister)

This is her side on (a real poser)

And this is big brother.....

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Her face looks like that of an Easter egger or Ameracauna, but I know those don't have feathered legs...hmm... Maybe she is a mix? I really don't know.
I can't seem to get it out of my mind that she's a faverolle cross to be honest, but doesn't seem bulky enough.
But not too experienced in this department hehe
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Well ! as previously stated I don't really need to know ! They all have their own little nuances and AFAIK could all be from a different clutches of eggs from different breeds lol. The cockerel is a funny little thing. He shepherds all his girls into the coop at night and then comes and taps on the window to be let indoors. Have to keep him indoors as we live in a terraced house in a built up area :)

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