Any ideas whats rong with my poorly duckling =(


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Apr 19, 2013
I have a poorly duckling, i got 2 crested ducks at a week old had them about a week week and half now they have both been fine eating drinking running round but today one is not right at all, when it trys to walk it falls on its side or back every step it takes and struggles to get back up, had a bit to eat but not much and its just sitting there now going to sleep the other is still fine, what could it be and any idea what i can do? i have it in on a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel as heat light broken at min. thanks all
forgot to add that there are no cuts swelling or anything visible to the legs... its also got the runs a little
Crested ducks can have neurological problems, that crest his hiding an open skull , and your ducklings need a consistant heat sourse right now until they are feathered out, temp should be around 80-85 right now at 1.5 weeks old. most feed stores and TSC sell heat lamps and bulbs, if you can take an old clean towel and make a donut for your duckling to lay in it will help it stay upright and I'll get you the link about crested ducks, what breed and do you give them any kind of vitamins /electrolytes? what feed are they on? some kind of electrolytes/ probiotic would help with tummy upset.
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Thank you... very interesting i did not know this about them & breeders never said either
yes im getting another heat light tomorrow, they are on chick crumbs ordered some vits wich should be hear in a day or so... thank you!
Maybe it is a Niacin deficiency? Regular, non-medicated chick starter doesn't have enough Niacin in it. I have a duckling with a problem with her leg because of niacin deficiency.Some duckling don't absorb it as well as others, so she/he may be deficient. And if the food doesn't have enough in it anyway and she cannot abosorb it, then you need to supplement or get food with niacin in it, like the waterfowl / gamebird starter. I ordered the waterfowl starter from the feed store for mine, but until it gets here, I am supplementing niacin in their water.

Do a search on niacin for ducklings and you will learn a lot about the problem and how to remedy it.

Good luck with the little one.


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