any ideas with this egg???!

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    3 days ago i was given 2 hens the first day i got them they both layed an egg. the one on the left is from day 1. this morning which is day 3 of having them i found the egg on the right in the nesting box. any ideas why it has that white ring around it? ive never seen anything like it
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    This is a result of 2 eggs coming into contact with each other in the shell gland pouch. When this happens normal calcification is interrupted and the first egg retained in the pouch will get an extra layer of calcium, seen as the white band. It was in your hen's case most likely caused by stress from being moved to a new home.
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    It looks like she's getting ready for Easter. :) Nothing to worry about, just a variation of the norm. I have a Marans that puts tons of bloom on her eggs to the point where they are almost completely white some days.
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    Wow! That is an interesting looking egg. [​IMG]

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