any idea's?

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    Last week i brought a polish mix and an easter egger and since ive had them they have been roosting in a tree outside the coop, there has been galeforse winds and heavy rain today and now im not really keen on them staying out over night. but how can i get them to go in the coop with the others?

    any ideas?
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    Catch them as they go to roost?

    Lock them in the coop for a day or two? That way they know where to go.
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    Catch them and isolate them from your flock for at least a month to see if they have any diseases. Don't let them get within 10 feet of your other birds. Tend to your flock first, then tend to them. Then wash and change clothes before you touch your original flock again.
    You could use a rubbermaid tote with a hole cut in the side and attach that to a rabbit cage. Put that inside an enclosure of some kind.
    Once the month or more is up, put the rubbermaid tote/rabbit cage in your coop for a couple of weeks. This will let the chickens get acclimated to each other. Then, let them loose in the coop for a week or so. Don't let anybody free range. You may also want to think about cutting the tree branch and any others that are low.
    If you have a large flock, split the coop with some chicken wire and intorduce the new ones with just some of your original birds before you let them all loose in the coop together.
    Clip the new birds wings, too.
    Good luck.
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