Any Local WV Processing Plants???


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Dec 19, 2008
Farmington, WV
I am located just south of Morgantown, WV and I can't find any processing plants! The one that I took my 'extra' roos to last year is now closed (white oak ridge farms)... So sad!
I absolutely love the fresh chicken I had last year, but I'm not into doing the 'dirty deed' myself, tried it once, the roo is still living happily in my flock
... Anyone know of any place near Morgantown? I need to know before I make a purchase and I'm stuck butchering 25 chickens myself... (I admit, I think if there were 25 chickens, me, and a knife... I'd lose, and this is not a story I want for my eulogy) I'm willing to drive, but lets be honest if it's more than a couple hours away, I'm afraid I'll have to settle for store bought chicken *yuk!*
i wouldn't want to take my wonderfully clean farm raised chickens to a plant... but that's just my opinion. processing plants really gross me out (that's where store-bought chickens pick up all their nastiness).

i'd check around for any local old-timers who would do it for you, probably at your home. you could work a price out with them or maybe just pay them in chicken! do you have a farmer's market? i'd check there and ask at your feed store.
There is a great Menonite family that processes poultry near Grantsville, MD - Silver Lining Poultry is the name that they use. They do the best job of processing that I have ever seen - not a pinfeather left. It might be in the phone book, and I'll try to find the number, as I have it here somewhere.
It was around $1.00 per chicken plus extra if you wanted it cut up certain ways.

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