Any on with guinea eggs wanna trade for chicken eggs ??


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
Newnan, Georgia
Had a predator get all but 1 of my guineas and I want more !! Improved the pens !! Would you like to trade eggs?? I can offer French Black Copper Marans , Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpington Eggs for trade. Color does not matter I want them to eat all of the bugs around here . What do you have ?? Open to trading !! Thanks Livia
As soon as mine start laying I would be happy to trade! It's still a bit cold here for them now though
Hope to soon have guinea eggs as soon as they decide to lay some. Have several guineas to sell that are almost a year old . I live in Marion county about 30 miles south of Columbus.
i would like to do a egg swap. i have pure breed light brahmas, white silkies when there not broody. rhode island red roos over red sex link,rhode island reds,black giants, one turken,a barred rock, and a blk sex link. brahmas and silkies are the only pure breeds. the rest are together. let me know if anyone is interested in trading for guinea eggs. thanks dawg...........
Oh gee thanks but really I'd love to trade some...just at the moment...they aren't laying...taking a break I guess....They have been laying since

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