any one have a natural spider repellent? safe around birds and fish?


8 Years
Feb 5, 2011
i live in the basement of our house almost a small apartment and i have all my pets down there 3 fish tanks (including an 80 gallon with extra thick glass) a russian tortiose,my cats and quite a few button quail. before we moved in i cleaned the entire basement and sprayed raid but that was almost a year ago and cant use raid anymore and ive been noticing spiders. i wouldnt mind so much except i sleep down there and my clothes are down there i hate the thought of spiders in my bed or in my clothes! anyone have a natural spider repellent that is safe to use around pets especielly fish and birds?
Ewww, not a spider fan.

Years ago, I had a cat who would save me from any spider found in the house.

Now I have a chicken who comes when I call her name (ok, scream her name when I see a spider).

If you cannot find a spider eater, then the good old squish or vacuum cleaner might be the best natural spider deterant.

Sorry I am no help.
While I doubt the effectiveness of the item, apparently osage oranges can repel spiders. I saw them for sale at my local supermarket with a huge "NOT EDIBLE" sign and touting the bug repellent facts, including spiders. I think they were called "Hedge Apples" or "Hedge Balls" on the sign.

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