Any one know Native American Language(s)?

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  1. I have a new puppy.

    I know, bad me for not posting a pic. [​IMG]

    Any way. I believe she picked me. She was the only pup that would come to me instead of being interested in the new surroundings they were in. She is now at home with me. And she follows me every where. Lays at my feet. If Im walking outside, and I stop walking. She stops walking and sits at my feet. Some times after walking a circle around me. She is only 11 weeks old.. She is a blue heeler mix. Mixed with what we do not know. Oh, and she was even night time and day time crate trained in two days. And she had never seen a crate before. And she was kept outdoors and the garage at her former place.

    I was thinking about naming her shadow. But there are to many people who name their dog shadow. I want some thing different, some thing in a different language. But I also want to make sure it is the right word for the meaning.. Any other word meaning some thing different than shadow is ok also. Maybe meaning friend or some other loyal pet type name.

    I have found.

    Nashe (Naw-she) Shadow in Blackfoot

    Ohanzee (O-Han-Zee) Shadow in Sioux
    Koda (Koh-dah) Friend in Dakota Sioux
    Kola - Friend in Lakota Sioux
    Kolapi- Friends in Lakota Sioux

    I dont know if these are right.. Or if they are pronounced right..

    Would like some help.. Not all internet sources are correct..

    Thank you..
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    I like Koda [​IMG]
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    Sorry I don't but will ask a friend of mine that is of the Odawa nation in Canada.

    You can't go wrong with a heeler pup, even if it's just part. Heelers choose their people and are protective of them from the very start. Big key is to socialize, socialize, socialize! Like our friend Buster says, If it's not a Heeler, It's just a dog!!!
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    I know a few Tlingit place names that sound good

    Chilkat (means storage container for salmon). Its a river with a very late run of salmon
    Chilkoot (basket of many fish) another river
    Taku (goose river, I think)
    Stikine (the name of John Muir's dog, means cloudy river
  5. Quote:I think that is true. If its not a heeler its just a dog.. LOL

    My first heeler mix's mom was blue heeler, with a tiny bit of border collie and australian shepard. Her father was a pointer. She was a great dog for 15 years. She went every where with me. I miss her, she passed away 3 years ago.

    Now this new one. Her mom was supposed to be pure, but I question that. Dad was, who knows.. Vets are thinking maybe border collie mix was the dad.. But the people who I got her from said they found a male boxer mix in there yard around the time the mom got pregnant. I'm thinking I might get one of the DNA tests to find out the breeds.. Just for fun. But not right now because I dont have the money for it..

    My DH even thinks this dog picked me.. By the way she constantly follows me around. She is learning really fast.. But not as fast as my first heeler mix. But I got my first heeler mix at 8 weeks of age, and this one is 11 weeks old.. With no learning at all.. But she sure does just sit and study every thing.

    Sorry still no pics.. But she has the markings of a border collie. Which also is the same markings as a boxer?? But in the white parts she looks like blue heeler coloring. Her black, in the sunlight has a reddish/brown cast to it..

    THank you for your help every one..

    I try to take her every where to socialize her.. But she is just learning to walk on a leash and traffic still scares her a bit.. We are working on that..
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    I know some words in Anishnaabe (language spoken by Odawa, Ojibway, and Potawatomi) and some more in Lakota Sioux. DH is 1/4 Blackfoot and he's sorry that he never made an effort to learn the language. My mom has an Anishnaabe-English dictionary that our county's historical society published.

    ETA: The schools in Mt. Pleasant and near other reservations in Michigan teach it too.
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    It's not native Ameican. Maybe amiga.

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