Any possible projects with my chickies?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by poultrycrazy, Dec 24, 2010.

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    Aug 25, 2010
    I want to start a project and thought maybe i could use my chickens that i already have, heres what i got. At my dads: 2 RIR hens, 2 white rock/RIR's hen and roo, 2 FBCM hens, 2 polish pullets BL and SL, 1 GL polish roo, 1 LF blue splash cochin hen, 1 white EE hen, 1 red silkie roo, 2 silkie pullet splash and buff, 1 bantam black frizzle cochin pullet, and 1 MF duccle hen. At my moms i have in roosters: 1 Bantam wc cuckoo frizzle polish, 1 black silkie, 1 partridge silkie, 1 FBCM, 1 BBR OEGB, 1 MF duccle, 1 white cochin mix, 1 wc chocolate polish bantam, and maybe a bantam splash cochin. In hens: 2 GL sebrights, 1 MF duccle, 1 BBR OEGB, 1 RP OEGB, 1 bantam buff cochin (might be a mix), 1 bantam wc polish, 1 partridge silkie, 1 cornish rock, 1 wc chocolate bantam polish, and at least 1 bantam splash cochin. I would rather not take one chicken from one house and take it to the other but will if i need to. Any possible projects? Thanks

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