Any suggestions on how to add more sqaure feet inside the run?

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    My coop is well on it's way to being complete although my husband has been working in it from plans he has made up in his head so I am a little bit in the dark as to what it will actually look like when it's finished.

    the coop is 64 sq feet which would give me enough room for 16 chickens with 4 sq feet per bird. There is no way I will start off with that many but I hear there is this thing called "chicken math" and I wanted to give myself enough room in case that happens. My one problem is that he made the run too small being only 55sq feet. Given they need 10 sq feet in the run that only leaves me with enough room for 5 hens. :( I have gently suggested that the run needs to be bigger but there isn't really enough room to expand where to coop is I figured I shouldn't push it too much since he's not keen on the idea anyway considering all the other half completed projects we have going on right now. he just wants to get this done so I stop hounding him about chickens :) The girls will be spending most of the day in the run/coop. I don't feel comfortable letting them free range while I'm at work so will only be out for an hour or so at night (weather permitting) and on weekends when we are home.

    I'm hoping my one saving grace is the height of the run. The walls in the run and coop are tall enough I could almost have a two tiered chicken coop and run. Would it be advisable to add a secure platform four feet off the ground or so with a ramp so they can walk up to it? Would they even use it? I supposed I could make it almost like the roosting bars you see on here with the sand/dirt in the bottom to catch all the poop. or no roosting bar and it could be filled with dirt/dust for a giant dust bath?

    Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. I want to give them as much room as possible to keep them happy but if 5 chickens is all I can have then so be it.

  2. A 2nd story is a good idea, it provides the additional square foot area if the chickens choose to use it plus it provides a shaded and rain protected area underneath...
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    Thanks Meepbeep.

    the run is covered, it has a metal roof so it will be protected from the rain and give some shade. Plus there are lots of shady trees around (hence the reason we can't expand)

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