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5 Years
Jun 15, 2014
Queensland, Australia
Hi everyone, we've just built a floating house for our ducks, does anyone have any good ideas how to encourage the ducks to move to ther new house, I will be locking them in for a couple of days so they get used to the idea but I'm concerned after that they will just go back to there land coop. Our dam has two islands on it so I'm hoping they will reside on them also, my main worry is at night when predators are around , the whole point of this build is to keep them safe away from them on the water. Has anyone done this and been successful?
I would assume that if you remove the land based coop they'll just start going there naturally. That being said, are you sure a floating coop is the way to go for predator deterence? Where I'm from the mink is just about the worst thing that can get into a bird pen, and they're great swimmers. Not sure if you have anything like that in Queensland, but may be something to consider...

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