Any thoughst from anyone??Chicken Shakes When Walking???

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    Sep 13, 2010
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    I just received this rooster from Florida. He is a Blue Jersey Giant. First of all, he came from Florida to Iowa, which now I feel bad for it's so darn cold here. Since I noticed a couple things when I got him, I have asked this vet about them, had me treat the bird with a couple different things just in case a few months ago (which is when I got him), seems better but still shakes a lot. He seems normal, eating good, drinking, poop looks normal, I just can't figure out if this bird is really cold or something could be wrong. Do chickens shake like this when cold?? I even keep a heat lamp above where he sleeps to help keep him warm. I worry that he was to big to ship. It took 2 days instead of 1 like we thought it would be. When we pulled him out of the box, his legs dropped down and he could not stand up right for probably a day or two, it just made me sick. I'll never have a big bird like that shipped again for I felt so bad. Anyway, he has since come a long way, but he still shakes a bit when walking. Its like he has a small minor balance issue. You really got to watch him to see that. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts. He is such a nice rooster. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
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