Any thoughts on this rooster?

Indiana hens

11 Years
Jun 25, 2008
Pendleton, Indiana
We had: Buff Orpington, White Rock, Black Jersey Giant, Ameraucana. This rooster grew fast, he is 22 wks-old and is bigger than all of our roosters. I thought Giant/Rock ; but feathering more of Ameraucana. I wouldn't think that Ameraucana would make him grow so fast!
His legs appear to be very white, perhaps a cross with a BO. BO/ Jersey Giant??
You did'nt say which of your breeds are hens and which are roos.
He's got white legs. Buff Orpingtons have white legs. Ameraucanas have white skin so the legs of the crosses can be white, however, as I said, he would most likely have pea or modified pea comb if he was Ameraucana

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