Any tips for hatching Celadon Quail?

Nov 22, 2019
A friend of mine is giving me some Celadon eggs to hatch (I don’t know how many yet) and i’m going to hatch them in my Little Giant still air incubator ( I know these aren’t the best but it’s what I could afford and I don’t hatch much anyways) Any tips on incubating quail eggs? Is it pretty much the same as chickens? I’ve never hatched quail before only chickens I appreciate any help/tips. Thanks!


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May 15, 2019
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This is what I give customers with hatching eggs. I hope this helps.
Incubation Tips
Quail incubation is 17 days.

Incubator choice:

The best incubators have forced air circulation and an automatic egg turner, but other than that, it depends on how many you want to hatch. Don't trust the thermometer or hygrometer on your incubator! Have at least one calibrated thermometer and hygrometer inside. I use three thermometers because every incubator has warm and cold spots.


Temperature should be 99.5-100 degrees, humidity about 30%. Eggs need to be turned every 3-6 hours, which is why you should have an egg turner in your incubator. On day 14, the eggs should go into lockdown, which is where you take the egg turner out and prepare for the eggs to hatch. You should have some sort of grippy flooring such as shelf liner or rough paper towels to help the chicks learn to walk.


When the eggs begin to hatch, the humidity should go up to around 40-45%. Try to keep it there or a little higher. Don't let it get too high, or the chicks might drown. Once they are dry move your chicks to a brooder.


Chicks will need to be kept in a brooder until about 3 weeks of age. There should be a warm side and a cool side. Start the temperature at 95-100 degrees on the warm side and start lowering the temperature a couple degrees each day. If they huddle together, they are cold and the temperature needs to be raised. If they are laying stretched out or panting, they are hot and the temperature needs to be lowered.

Feel free to contact me with any question.


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