Any way to mass dose Tylan 50?


12 Years
Mar 26, 2007
I'll start by saying that I have read multiple threads about all of the respiratory illnesses. I know they can be carriers but I am choosing to treat rather than cull. I had an outbreak in the spring that might have been brought in by a lovely rooster that I purchased or maybe it was spread by the giant flock of wild turkeys roaming our property. Guess I'll never know. Nevertheless, I treated with Tylan 50 which worked really well. Since then I have added many young birds, purchased as chicks and I am up to 50 birds now. They have had something respiratory going on for about three weeks. All are lively and eating but are gurgling and sneezing. This time I tried duramycin which did nothing so I went the vet route and he gave me some "sulfa drugs" in a little bottle for $28 which did nothing. I know Tylan 50 works but is there anyway to mass dose them in the water and not have to individually treat 50 birds? They do not have swollen eyes or any foul smell.
Thank you. I think this is just what I need. I have had good luck with the Tylan liquid so hopefully this will do the trick. I always appreciate the help here.

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