Any way to SAVE these babies?? Please help- we opened the 'bator...


10 Years
Nov 8, 2009
So, we have what I assumed will be a kind of staggered hatch of guinea eggs. We ended up with two hens on one nest and we had to take the eggs, so we put them in the incubator and hoped for the best. When I candled at about a week in to incubation, some looked spidery and well on their way to developing and others were just getting started, so I assumed we had a few different ages in one clutch. Anyway, babies started hatching on Sunday and have continued through 'til today. We ended up taking the first babies out once the were dry and moving them to a brooder to eat and drink, not realizing that we'd be jeopardizing the other eggs' humidity. Well, our last group of pipped eggs were really struggling and, after much debate, we ended up helping a few get out of their eggs (over many hours and without any mishaps, the membranes were just too tough for the babies to bust out of on their own) We found one that had pipped, but died- I'm assuming because it fought the membrane and exhausted itself before it could get air. Anyway, we've still got eggs in the 'bator and they feel full- once we move the last batch of hatched babies out, is there anything I can do to help restore humidity quickly and maybe give them a fighting chance?
when I have to open my incubator during lockdown, I will wrap a wet paper towel around each egg.. Ive had eggs pipped & opened it to add more eggs (I didnt know they were pipped at the time). But after I wrapped them in paper towels they were able to hatch on their own. Just be careful not to cover the pip with the paper towel.

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