Anybody Build the Garden Ark? Mobile version of the Garden Coop

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  1. CoyoteMagic

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    Anybody built the Garden Ark? I'm thinking of doing away with my big coops and put the chickens to work in my gardens... I'm in the [​IMG] I don't know what kind to build!!!!

  2. swainlori

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    May 20, 2011
    i'm a newbie to chickens and to construction.

    We have three EEs and I learned how to use a circular saw to build the garden ark. Since it was my first project like this ever, it took me about three solid weekends to build after I assembled all the material, but someone with more experience could knock it out much more quickly, I'd bet. The plans were great - step by step with pictures down to the last bolt (which was exactly what I needed never having built anything like this before).

    It's a solid coop, but I am a small woman and can still move the coop around the yard myself.

    Was a great coop for us b/c we are renting and will probably move in the nest year or so. The coop can fit in the back of a pickup easily.



  3. mimischickies

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    Mar 29, 2011
    Little Rock, Arkansas
    I am also soooo new to having chickens and construction. I just finished building the Catawba Coop! First time to ever use a miter saw! It took me about a month to build, working on it here and there, after work and on weekends. I LOVE IT!!! It is very sturdy and really looks good!!! I was really shocked at how well it functions. My chicks are only 4 weeks old, so I am putting them in the coop during the day, but bring them inside at night. They love it too, 2 EE'S, 1 RIR, 1 BR & 1 BA. Check out the website...
  4. CoyoteMagic

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