Anybody building and using solar ovens?

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  1. I haven't used my electric oven all summer since I built four solar ovens. I love it! Not only do I help the environment, I save on our electric bill. Some of the best ribs we've ever tasted came out of my ovens. I'd love to talk with other solar cooks, swap ideas and just save $$$$$.
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    I'm so glad to see someone using solar ovens! I only use a couple of smaller ones but I always have a project where my students build and use various styles of solar ovens and cookers.
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    Cool! Maggiemoo, how did you build them? I see the "pizza box" variety, but have long wanted to build a more permanent one. My problem is we just don't get much sun in the pacific NW... [​IMG]
  4. I went on line and found a wonderful solar oven that is working wonderfully for us. It is built out of plywood, insulation, masonite board, glass and foil. It isn't unusual for the temperature to reach 375 degrees during the highest sun. I just went outside to check on our dinner and the oven is holding at 350 degrees and it is 4:00 in the afternoon. I have cooked on partly cloudy days and the oven has done well as long as I get the food in early. I will admit that solar ovens need sun to work at their best but you might be surprised at how well they work even with some clouds. Google either solar ovens or cooking with solar and you will find lots of helpful information. I am blessed with lots of sun and plan to always use our ovens even in the winter. It's really nice not to have to heat up the house. Hope you can find a solar oven on line that will work for you. You can buy them commercially but they are a little pricey. I only spent around $50. Probably could have saved a lot more if I would have looked for scraps. Good Luck!!!!!
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    got a link?
  6. Quote:Here is the link for my solar oven. I made a few simple adjustments to better fit the supplies that I had available. Otherwise it's the same.

    Here are my solar oven sitting in the front yard after a good days work

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    Going to start getting the materials this next week! I will use mine throughout the winter also.

    I am always looking for ways to be a little more self sufficient/off grid! Not that anything drastic will ever happen, I just want to know that my family can survive in a worst case scenario event! Plus it's a great teaching tool for my kids!

    I think solar ovens are great, you save on electricity and in my case gas.
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    I'm going to have to go look at that website. I love the idea of solar ovens. It is so hot here, that I don't like to run my oven in the summer, it just makes the air-conditioner work harder.
  9. Quote:One of the material changes that I made was to use 1 1/2 - 2 in duct board. It is compressed insulation with a silver foil backing. (Not styrofoam!) I had to get mine from a heating and cooling installation shop. Home depot doesn't carry it. It was much easier to handle and eliminated the need to use loose insulation and a metal insert. The picture shows you what I mean by using duct board versus the instructions given.[​IMG]
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