Anybody doing something special with Easter eggs?

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    May 16, 2008
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    I'm looking for some last minute EASY ideas for my eggs. I have quite a few green ones from my EE's that I'm just boiling and leaving natural. Then I saved up white ones from my Leghorns to color and decorate. I have a basic coloring kit and I know there are some much fancier ones in the stores but I was looking for something that would be unique. I also have food coloring.

    I am also going to color my bantam eggs to make a real variety in sizes.

    We're invited to our neighbors for Easter dinner and I thought I would bring some decorated eggs. But I don't have all that much time and something different and easy would be great! Any ideas? Thanks! [​IMG] Genie
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    Little late here... just stopped in to say, sounds like you'll do fine with the plans you've got.

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