Anybody ever heard of or planted some Hmong red cucumber before?


7 Years
Sep 13, 2012
Apparently they are an heirloom variety from an ethnic mountain tribe people from Burma, Laos,Thailand,Vietnam, and China who have been brought to the states when they immigrated here. The pictures that you will sometimes see online shows them of being very red but that was mistakenly printed by a company that first offer the seeds for sale. They actually start as a whitish/green color when young then turns yellow and when ripe and are an orange color with netting when fully ripe. The flavor is mildly sweet with lots of water content and when fully ripe the flesh is a buttery soft sweet yet tangy sour flavor and sometime even a bit bitter if let to ripe too long on the vine. It makes an excellent cooler drink too, that is very simple yet delicate, cooling and refreshing taste. So have anyone have an experience with this type of cucumber before and please do share your experience if you have.

a link to the recipe
Hi all,
This is a really old thread but I thought I would still reach out and pose my question. I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I started my Hmong Red in May. I have some ridiculously ginormous cucumbers from this plant but they aren't changing color from white??? Curious if anyone else has had this problem. With the change in sun pattern, I don't think it is getting enough sun this late in the season and perhaps that is the problem. I estimate it got 8 hours in spring but may only be getting 5 hours now due to shading.


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