Anybody have a clue?


9 Years
Jul 24, 2010
Washington Boro, Pennsylvania
I have a 5 RIRs and one Belgian D' Anver hen. We got the Belgian in the middle of May. She was so teensy, but already had feathers on her wings. She was given to my kids from a "petting zoo" at a local celebration, so we don't know how old she was. I don't know anything about their egg-laying. She hasn't laid yet (unless the big girls are eating the eggs before I ever see them) I doubt that is the case, since they don't eat their own eggs. Anybody have a clue as to when this little girl is going to lay? I'm jonesin' for a ceasar salad with teeny quail eggs.


(This is the best pic I have of her...she's a wild thing and doesn't hold still for long!)
Sorry I don't know much about the breed, but I've often seen here where some people will have hens well over 6 months old before they begin laying. I'm sure it makes it seem even longer if you've had hens lay at 4-5 months of age!
Hopefully your little girl will soon give you eggs.

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