Anybody Have Any Experience Using A Pre Fab Coop?

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    Oct 12, 2011
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    I've been wrestling with coop plans and have pretty much decided to build a 16 X 12 building with the nesting/roosting/play room being about 16 X 8 and a 4 X 8 workroom/storage room. I made up a materials list and did a subtotal of the estimated costs of the bigger ticket items only, like the siding, and the flooring and the framing, door and windows. It came pretty close to the cost of one of those Amish made pre-fab garden shed type buildings.

    But before I get all involved in modifying the interior, putting in the nesting boxes and roots and ventilation and etc. I wanted to know if anybody on this forum had any experience with these buildings as chicken sheds.

    One thing I also wonder, the entire building, including the floor is made of treated lumber. Any problems with chemicals in eggs?
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    Aug 26, 2008
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    Cover the floor with linoleum or such floor covering. Paint the inside with a scrubbable gloss paint. That will take care of the treated wood problem. Also it will make it much easier to clean. Make sure it is off the ground enough to discourage rats and snakes from living under there. Those are three things to remember. I have done the 1st two but did not know about the 3rd until later. I do not know the quality of the building you will be getting, I looked at some prebuilt and the nails did not even connect to the boards they were suppose to be nailed into. Also they used small two by twos instead of 2x4s . Ask lots of questions about the strength of the floor joist etc. Good luck with your chicken house. I would love to have a new one but things are soo high right now. Gloria Jean

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