Anybody have any useful hints or tips for using power tools

Anyone can use power tools. I have been helping my dad build and remodel since I was 4 years old, when we were reroofing people would pull in the driveway to make sure everything was okay because it was just Dad and myself (a 4 year old girl), they couldn't believe it.
I was able to make my own walk-in coop but I am horrible about drawing things out first... this can be a weakness from anyone wanting a drawn out picture of what you are making.
There are ton of tricks out there but it does depend what you are making and using.
Tools can be pricey but it helps to have the main tools and then slowly adding to your collection every year.
Hi all
Over the past years i have been buying power i have a fair amount of knowledge but am still learning and wondered if anybody had any useful tips tricks or hacks. šŸ› 
look forward to hearing from you...
I'd start by reading the manuals.
I have a huge assortment of power tools as I flip houses.
One power tool that I grab quite a lot is my Fein saw. It is an oscillating saw. It is a great tool for tight spots.

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