Anybody have this record beat??


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LOL! I wonder if some chickens just.. Don't lay eggs..

I have an Easter Egger pullet who will be 1 year old in about two weeks. So she is about 11 1/2 months old. No eggs from her yet and I am certain there are no hidden nests ect in the yard.

Has anybody else had a... Pullet I guess?? Go for a year+ before laying? Or am I the record holder? lol!

Here is a picture of the girl. She has squatted for me a few times in the past, but nothin' so far. Her first squat was about a month or two ago.
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Ahh! Alright, shoot. Yeah I think she is my "token" chicken. My Mom named her the mascot because I doubt she will ever lay eggs. Dern lol, ah well she is very sweet, and is a good bug hunter
Can't quite beat it, but can come close. I have another EE that's well over a year old now. She's laid exactly two eggs. Beautiful blue and the only one in that tractor that lays them, but just those two eggs. She's shipping out soon.
Easter Eggers are known for holding people out for a looong time. I had one who started at the normal 21 weeks, then laid pretty well for a couple months, then. . . Nothing. For 2 years!!! Nothing. When I finally culled her, I found out she was internally laying. Have no clue how she was surviving all that.
Whew! I sure hope Munk isn't laying internally... Though no idea until something happens heh. She won't be culled because she is BFF with my flock lead hen and they have been together since day 1, so I don't want to rip them apart
But that is good to know!

I have a friend who has two ee's, one is a sort of tempermental layer and the other lays big 2.3 ounce eggs every day or every other day. Munk is still very sweet, a total lap chicken and she does a darn good job of keeping ticks and earwigs at bay
Thanks for the responses though I am glad to know I am not in the boat alone.
I've got 1 EE that is supposed to be over a year old; had her for almost 3 months & she hasn't laid a thing. I'm hoping, though, that the lady I got her from was mistaken on the age!
I got one little hen from the fair one time. The owners said she was a year old. She never laid an egg, but would go broody on others nests and hatch out little chicks. She was a cutie and a good mom to her chicks and even took on the job of helping others moms with their babies....I just took her to be a little grandmother and kept her around until she died several years later.

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