Anybody in northeast georgia have any hatching eggs?

Georgia Boy 1970

9 Years
Feb 3, 2010
Northeast Ga. Banks County
In a week or two hopefully one of my game hens will be going broody. She is running on the yard with 3 other hens but no rooster. My breeders have slacked off to nearly zilch. Would like some eggs. Would really like some polish eggs. But polish crosses or some interesting cross would work also. Would like to hear what you have. Thanks
Hello! I am located in Jasper, GA. I have hatching eggs in these varieties...

Purebred Silkies in mixed colors
White Silkie/Silver Laced Polish Crosses (I will have chicks hatching next week and I expect major cuteness!)
Pure bred BBS Ameraucanas
Blue Bantam Cochins
Ameraucana/brown egg laying crosses (I think their offspring will be Olive Eggers)

Please contact me privately if you are interested.

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