Anybody in San Diego interested in exchanging chicken sitting with us?


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Jun 6, 2010
We are looking for someone to exchange chicken sitting with us. We go out of town sometimes on weekends and this summer we will be gone for a week. We have other pets too, but are mostly concerned about good care for our two beloved Dominique hens. We would be willing to help anyone out when help is needed. don't know if regular sitting services do chickens.. have not checked into it. This forum is so great that we are starting here... We know there are folks on here that love chickens as we do and we would be so happy to hook up with someone who could be there for us.. Hope to hear back from some of you here in San Diego area. We are in North County, but willing and able to travel around if our help is needed.. Thanks..
I know this thread is a bit old, but I'm also interested in trading sitting in San Diego. Message me if you are still active or anyone else is interested!

We need a chicken sitter soon too, Rancho Penasquitos if anyone is interested. Three visits, approx 15 minutes to replenish food/water, take the eggs. :)

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