Anybody that keeps ducks in a residential area as pets?


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Apr 24, 2016
I'm trying to get a zoning variance in order to keep my 3 pet ducks. I already had to rehome most of them. I just submitted my notification to the newspaper and everything will be ready to turn in when I can get to the courthouse Wednesday to the auditor and get the name list of everyone I have to mail certified notification to then turn in my packet and proof I mailed the letters. Anyways the meeting is in about 3 weeks and if anybody on here raises ducks in a residential area id love to hear your stories or anything that might help me. My ducks are 2 female pekins and a female blue Swedish and I've put a lot of time and money into trying to keep my babies. So please any advise, successful stories, or anything I might be able to share greatly appreciated. My house backs up to a cornfield on a corner lot with an access road so I really only have one neighbor. Hoping that helps my case.
I don't live in a residential area, but I do have my experiences...
with proper maintenece, ducks don't smell one bit.
They are EXTREMELY quiet, and you can "repay" your neighbours' tolerance by giving them eggs if need be. Calls and Pekins are the loudest breeds.
They also don't fly (most breeds) so they are easy to contain, and shouldn't bother your neighbours. They don't need a drake, and unlike roosters, drakes are actually QUIETER than females.
If chickens are allowed, fight your case on why ducks are better for everyone than chickens, and why they are a positive addition.
We have sixteen small ducks on 0.8 acres in suburbia. Some neighbors are very happy about the ducks, some neighbors ignore them (and us).

There is a Right to Farm ordinance in town, and that helps. But I know that even before that ordinance was passed, we had neighbors with ducks, chickens, goats, guineas - and it was never a problem.

The noise the ducks make is minimal. Much less than the leaf blowers, mowers, dirt bikes, screaming kids, fireworks, and glass packs of the neighbors.

The ducks eat garden pests and weeds. They won't get loose and bite anyone.

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