Anybody willing to share pics of their White silkies?


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Nov 11, 2008
please? I'm getting some chicks from cackle sometime this month and I'm OBSESSED with those creatures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi! Nice to meet another Silkie lover! I love Silkies, but due to a full coop, I only have 2. Blue and White. I got mine from a feedstore, which most likely got them from MCMurray, so they are, shall we say, not show quality birdies. lol. Tiny crests, small extra toes, wrong types of combs... but they are my beloved birds in the coop! My white silkie loves me, and is very gentle. She has aquired a strong love to chase my dog and cats (we call her the Coop Patrol!) AND SHE GOT 2ND FOR THE WHOLE STATE IN SHOWMANSHIP W/ ME! Yahoo! Oh, and just for future referance, they BROOD A LOT! Good Luck!

I would post a pic but i don't really know how at ALL. The FAQ part for that doesn't help @ all.
click on the blue tab at the top that says "Uploads" then that should open a new window and you should see a button called "Choose file" click that and look for your picture then click "submit" and it should take you to another page where the picture is. Copy the code that says "Image" and simply post it here
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I don't blame you for being obsessed with them - I totally am too
I've also got a shipment coming from Cackle's supposed to ship out next Monday, and I can't wait!!

Here's some pics of my small flock from this weekend...


My roo and 3 of his ladies taking a dustbath...


Gathering around for a treat after a nice dustbath...You'll soon find out that "white silkies" aren't always white


And a nice close up...


Nice to meet you!!
I just hatched my first ever chicken...its a silkie...cant wait for it to grow up a looks kind of strange at the moment....I am so used to ducklings.

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