anyone bought any canned C of the S... salmon lately? notice newer can did not say


7 Years
Nov 23, 2013
WILDCAUGHT........ same sku number... reason I notied cause I keep some canned salmon on hand for us. well big chain DRUG STORE HAD IT LAST FEW WEEKS ON SALE..... like 1.99 can w/ coupon and of course the" anti privacy info", card....( which is another bad issue)
got home and compared the 2 cans. VOILA..... hum wonder what cr..p they feed the "farm raised " salmon.....????
course info, I hear on internet radio health shows, say to avoid seafood anyway, esp after the Fukoshima ( on going life killing disaster) (spelling ?) another bad issue..
thought anyone......???
PS I never liked, fish ,till I tasted baked salmon in fresh herbs......... YUMMMY to the highrest degree..... course wild caught Alaskan salmon.. we share a piece every week, HuBBnny and a small cast iron skillet, or Vision Ware skillet... with my fresh rosemary, parsley, oregano and sage....... not to forget the yummy thyme, too
I just wish I would utiized my herbs more.... they are so easy to grow... and reilent if covered during the winter...
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Most of the canned salmon I see in the stores comes from China. Farm raising all types of fish there is very popular. I have bought "Honey Boy" canned salmon for decades, not too long ago they switched from Alaska as a source to China, and I haven't bought any more. When something is canned it is sterilized, still I dont buy any food knowingly from China. Human life isn't worth enough there, I cant see them caring as much about food safety as the US or many other country's.

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