Anyone else due on the 7th? or 14th?

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Apr 16, 2009
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I just set my eggs a few minutes ago and was wondering if anyone else set theirs today or tonight? It would be neat to hatch along with someone else.

I just put in:

5 Pure Muscovy Eggs
5 Runner/GC Eggs
3 EE Eggs (possibly X's)
4 LH-X
8 Mixed Brown Eggs

All the ones with hearts on them are from my girls, then there's the Mix & Muscovy Eggs
All the others, including the blue one, are due to hatch any day!

and YES that's 2 new babies in the corner..had to help them hatch so they're stuck in "bed" for a day or so, lol.

Almost forgot...the one wit a clover was for good luck, I'd be surprised if that funky thing hatches!

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its an LG still air. i bought it for $10 WITH a turner from someone i bought silkies from...she had only used it once but it was out in her barn so it was kinda great though

i have a better time keeping humidity with the sponges/rags rather than in the water trays though...not sure why.
I set 50 Buff Orpinton eggs on the 12th. I will be candling them on Saturday to check their progress. This is the second set of BO Eggs that I have had shipped in. The first time I hatched 17 out of 20 eggs that I set. I hope that I have as good of Luck with this set!
I wish i could get some frizzles locally, i miss my old roo!

mine might hatch a little bit early, i have the temp a little higher because of the duck eggs...they seem to do better at a little bit higher temp.
I just added 2 duck eggs i found in a hidden hen is FAMOUS for digging a nest out then covering the eggs with dirt! lol. i am constantly watching for 'odd' looking areas of dirt or shavings around the bird area.

I'm not sure how old they are so i will be checking them tomorrow since i only set them yesterday...*fingers crossed*

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