Anyone Else Have a Crested with Neurological Issues?

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  1. We have a white crested duck, Cindy Lou Who, who came to us with neurological issues. We got her from Metzers with 10 other ducklings about two years ago. She was very small and shaky and we didn't think she would make it. But she did, and she is now normal size. She has always had a bit of a crooked neck and would fall over on occasion. Though lately, she has been falling over a lot more. Took her to my vet who ran blood and fecal, nothing abnormal there. She was prescribed metacam in case she had some inflammation that was causing this recent bout of falling-overness. But that doesn't seem to be helping much.

    So i guess i've been wondering what the long term prognosis is for ducks such as Cindy. From personal experience, can anyone tell me if they tend to get worse over time, or if they live a shorter life than "normal" ducks? i just wish there was something i could do to help her.
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    when I first decided to raise crested ducks I did a lot of research. I'm not surprised to hear of one with a neurological problem. The crested gene is actually referred to as a lethal gene in ducks. If a bird carries two sets of the gene the chances are they won't even survive the egg. The crest on a duck actually grows where there is a hole in the skull.

    Here is a good explanation
  3. Thanks so much for the links. i had read that one that Kevin posted. i only have the one crested. i used to have four, but needed to thin down my flock, so rehomed the other three to someone who could give them a great home. i guess the information i'm looking for is, what do you do once you have one with neurologic issues? i won't be breeding her, or any of my ducks, i only have girls, just 7 altogether. Cindy does get shunned much of the time. i think the others are a little afraid of her since she is always falling over. But they don't harm her at all.

    They all get peas with two heaping tablespoons of Brewers Yeast every night. i'm wondering if there are supplements which might help her with her condition. And then, looking forward, i was curious if anyone who has one of these ducks with issues saw the condition advance with age. i'm just wondering why she is so much worse lately.
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    I don't have crested ducks but i have a Muscovy duck who is 8 yrs old and last summer she started having issues, would walk in circles and then lay down then get up and do it all over again, I have no idea what started it or really what it is, But i started giving her Poultry Nutri Drench in her water and I am amazed that she got over it. It could have even happened with another poultry vitamin but this is what I had, she started doing it again this summer but I started again with the PND right away this time and she got over it again. I'm thinking old age in my girl but any kind of vitamin support hopefully will help your duck too. I usually give the PND a couple times a week in their water, but when Shirley starts having problems they get it every night till I see improvement. then I slowly back off again.
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    Sorry to hear about your ducks issues [​IMG]. I've had experience with several different special needs animals so I will give my 2 cents. At this point there is not much you can do for the bird. However to lesson the effects I would start her on a vitamin regimen. A multi poultry vitamin such as Nutri Drench is great. I would also add a Vitamin B complex to her water.
  6. Thanks for the input. i remember looking for the Poultry Drench a while back at our local feed stores and couldn't find it. i will order online today. i don't expect Cindy will ever be normal. i'm just worried about this recent downturn. But i have seen amazing things happen with supplements. Before using the Brewers Yeast, i would have ducks experiencing lameness to the point they couldn't walk. It was alarming, and then astounding that just adding the yeast cleared it up completely.

    Kevin, on the vitamin B complex, what would you suggest as to what kind and how much?
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    I'm very sorry to hear about this as I have a special place in my heart for Crested Ducks. I have had Crested Ducks for a full 5 years until I sold them about a year ago. I'm already making plans on getting more next year. Crested Ducks are prone to a lot of issues because there is no bone structure over the head where the crest is, the bigger the crest the bigger the issues. Silkies also have that in common with them as well as Polish and others. I hope she makes it! I recommend crested ducks to someone wanting ducks because they are very fun as long as you do your research on their health issues.

    They'll always be my favorites right after Call Ducks. :eek:)

    Prayers for the little duck! [​IMG]
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    Most of the supplements I use are all Nature Made. I prefer lower MG doses when it comes to poultry.
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    I think that like with so many animals and birds, nero issues can develope at any time, especially in a bird prone to this allready, like the crested duck.

    I do NOT think she will improve, but I'd try Kevins vitamin solution, as shes quite knowledgable about special needs birds and animals. I can only recomend choosing not to hatch her eggs, as its clear its worse for her than most, and I wouldn't pass on just poor genetic troubles ever. Darn those Lethal genes.

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