Anyone else processing Meat Birds for the Turkey Day Buffet?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Fowl_Odor002, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Fowl_Odor002

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    Jul 5, 2011
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    I got 7 in my tractor right now
    they are about 4-5 weeks old
    and will be a ripe 8 weeks by National Turkey Slaughtering Day

    I plan to process all of them by hand - no plucker

    just some cheap vodka and a diet pepsi chaser

    peace to the vegetarians
  2. Life is Good!

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    Apr 14, 2011
    suburbia Chicagoland
    I'm supposed to be processing our CX's in the next 7 days - they're already nearly 10wks and simply huge. If Mom Nature obligies with some decent conditions. However, looking at our calendar(s) - I'm afraid I'm going to be processing these 25 until then in small batches!

    One thing I forgot to take into consideration with fall raising (as opposed to spring) - it gets DARK, QUICK, EARLY. So where we were able to process our FR's in at the end of May until 9pm or so - I'm lucky if there's enough light to go until 6pm! Grrrr....Ben Franklin, what were you thinkin'?! And by the time we get home from working, set-up and start, it's 5:40pm! I'm thinking I need a 1/2 day sometime soon!

    Goin' to home store to buy more extension cords for lights. Guess I'll hang 'em from the tree that we process under. And keeping fingers crossed that the water hose doesn't freeze! Drat! I did NOT plan this well....need to start 'em sooner. Like June!
  3. Chicken Fresh

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    Apr 3, 2012
    The Big Mitten
    I have Black Spanish hen that was born in june. I would say she weights around 12lbs? Im ready to wack her now! She's unruly, noisy and causes a ruckus with the layers.Jumps around the yard all crazy, its kinda funny ta watch. but Id rather her not cause a stir for the neighbor's to see. She will not come in at night! trys to roost on top of the run/cage10x10 every night. everybody Else comes in"meaning the laying hens" and id like to let her out to graze more but that means Id have to go and get her after she falls asleep and put her in. Sucks! This will be our first Turkey "miss Tammy Giblets the 1st" and if I decide to run turkeys again I will mos def do more than just one. I think that's my biggest prob with this turk. They will also have their own separate coop and run and not share with the layers. Yep pretty excited bout that, dont think shes gonna be quite big enough for all of us... but we will feast upon her bounty and give many thanks or "something like that. in my Adam Sandler voice"
    And we have 16 fat little CX's straight run from Hover hatch that are a month old today. It is also our first time doing meat birds and it so far so good, knock on wood. Planning on processing the Turkey and chickens at the same time, just before Thanksgiving. Still not sure if im gonna do it myself???

  4. Wax Myrtle

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    Sep 17, 2012
    Galivants Ferry, SC
    And to top it off, don't forget to set your clocks back tonight. Starting Monday, my husband will only see our home in the dark, except on weekends. :rolleyes:
  5. Chicken Fresh

    Chicken Fresh In the Brooder

    Apr 3, 2012
    The Big Mitten
    Here is a pic of my Black Spanish Turkey dinner scratching around with my little hen Lavy. I keep tellin her to eat up!


    Tonight I will have to pick her up and put her in the run and I can compare her weight to my little Jack russell that's around twelve pounds.

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