Anyone else setting eggs under a broody?


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I have an RIR "Rosalee" that is broody. I have been ignoring her broodiness for two weeks but I am finally giving into her and I put some fertile eggs under her on 05/02/2015. I faithfully have a broody hen every year in Spring for some reason and always tell myself, don't give in to But watching the hen with her babies is just too cute. Nothing like watching them raise their chicks and teaching them life skills.

If she has been sitting on an empty nest for two weeks already, do you think she will continue to sit another 3 weeks to hatch these eggs? I have the incubator as a back up, just in case.
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I'm pretty sure she will continue to sit there for another three weeks.. But if you haven't, you might want to put a small feeder (the kind that one normally uses for chicks) in there by her so she loses less strength from not eating as much.

Best of luck :)

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