Anyone ever buy pigeons from Strombergs chickens?


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Dec 28, 2020
Im looking to buy some pigeons and I found some breeds that I want at but I realized that I cant find anywhere if it says they are vaccinated or not, they are already more expensive than some other pigeons I was looking at that are already vaccinated and I dont want to pay that price then more for vaccinations so I was wondering if anyone here has experience with them? All Im wondering is if they are vaccinated, healthy, and how long it takes for them to ship.
Oct 18, 2018
All Im wondering is if they are vaccinated, healthy
Why does it matter? Birds don't have to be vaccinated to be healthy. I never vaccinate my birds. As far as health, I don't know... Strombergs doesn't breed them, as they don't have the space (and patience!) for pigeons. Instead, breeders supply their birds. So it would come down to the breeders stock, care, etc if the birds are healthy.


May 9, 2018
We've ordered a pair of Jansen racing pigeons from them, the birds arrived very healthy, and good looking. They were packaged well for shipping, and settled quickly. Not sure about vaccinations, but they charge an arm and a leg for shipping... 90 $ shipping for one pair...

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