Anyone ever order from efowl?


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
We have been wanting to get one female duck to join our flock for a while now and cannot find any locally or anyone who will ship just one. Well by happenstance I ran across who will ship just one sexed female duck, and they have the breeds I am interested in (Runner, Cayuga, WH). But I have never heard anything about them, and know nothing about what type of business they run.

So if anyone has any experience with efowl, lemme know! Also, if anyone has an awesome hen they'll ship me, let me know, cuz this search has been crazy difficult!
And this is why I came here to ask this question! lol I figured if anyone knew, you guys would. I got a kind of "off" vibe from the website, just didn't seem right, but I thought I should at least ask.

Thanks BYCers! Any hatchery in US that will ship just one? Or any ideas for finding a hen? I have been trolling Craigslist and such but they never have sexed ducklings and I never find older birds.
Does Metzer sex their Ducklings or are they all Straight run?

Metzer sexes them for a small fee. They seem to be very accurate too based on my experience and others that have posted here.
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I never ordered from them but that's where the zoo near us ( Brookfield zoo) gets their ducks. They had some really healthy looking runners, swedes, pekins, white crested, and cayugas. Most of them still had their duckling fuzz which made them extra adorable.

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