Anyone ever put a "rooster collar" on a noisy HEN ?


6 Years
Sep 9, 2013
I've seen rooster collars on roosters, and many people claim they are great in reducing the noise level.

I am wondering if they work on HENS, has anyone ever tried this?

I have 3 extreamly loud hens, it's to the point where I might have to get rid of them if I can't quiet them down. They sing the egg song constantly, all day long, all 3 of them, even when they are not laying. They are almost as bad as a rooster. They chatter and bock all day too.

I've had them since they were chicks and they are a over a year old now.

I'm thinking of making my own out of Velcro, I've seen this done on roosters.

Any thoughts?


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