Anyone ever seen something like this?

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    Feb 7, 2016

    This baby GSL chick, seems to have no neck. She obviously does, just likes to rest the back of her head on her back. She couldnt eat or drink by herself for the first 3 days so i helped her. As of yesterday she is feeding and watering herself. But, because of this she is about half the size as the rest of her flock which i reintroduced her to today. They arent too bad but they will occasionally peck at her. Any suggestions?
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    Sounds like wry neck. She will need to be put on a vitamin supplement from now on; I recommend NutriDrench.

    I've been working with a wryneck Silkie pullet the past few months, and I will say it has been challenging. There have been many weeks when she was completely unable to eat or drink on her own and needed to be force fed twice daily. Birds with wry neck have the potential to relapse at any time and will need to be treated with "kid gloves" their whole lives. It is, however, worth it, as such birds quickly become special in their own right.
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    It's a bit hard to tell in the photo, but it could be wry neck which is generally caused by Vitamin E deficiency.
    What type of feed are you giving her?
    I would give her some vitamins in her water just check to make sure there is E in them. You can find those at Tractor Supply or your local feed store.

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