Anyone experience this?


8 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Southern Illinois
Story time! Last week, I was doing my routine chicken chores and all the birds were roosted up. I was focusing on collecting eggs and all of a sudden, I hear this big THUD and I turn to witness my only Light Brahma hen flailing and flopping around on the ground. My first thought was she got a good peck, jumped or fell off the roost, landed on her head and broke her neck. However, after about 20 seconds, she stopped and just sat there, stunned-like. I set her back on the roost, and that was that for that night. Now, I have been watching her very closely, and she acts completely normal. She eats, drinks, forages, and even lays normally (as normal as possible in this blasted heat). I thought it was a one time thing, but it happened again tonight and I got to talking about the chickens with my grandpa and he said "The white chicken with the feathered feet had a fit in front of my porch a couple days ago." Said she was flopping around like she got her head hacked off. I know it had to be her. She's the only one that fits that description. Any ideas what this may be? It's a first for me in my years with poultry and my dad has deemed her "the epileptic chicken." Seizures definitely come to mind if you witness it. All inputs welcome!


11 Years
Mar 26, 2011
Southern Utah
Elipsy occurs in all animals, it is a neurological disorder. She could have had a seisure on the roost. Perhaps you could remove 'triggers' like any strobe lights in your coop.

Other than that, you could take her to a vet for a prescription. However, if it doesn't effect her too severely, there won't be a need to cull.

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