Anyone feed the egg shells their chickens lay back to them?


Apr 22, 2020
Denver Colorado
Not sure if my question makes sense - I feel it’s wrong to feed the chickens the egg shells of their own eggs they lay or is it ok to give them that extra nutritious dose of calcium?

Even if it comes from their own eggs that they lay. For some reason (morally) feels wrong to give them something that came from them🤭🤗 I guess it’s ok since I’ve given them grocery store egg shells before they started laying as an added snack bonus. Curious to hear what more experienced folk think have on the topic 🤔 💭


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Jun 7, 2020
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I routinely (daily, sometimes more frequently, depending upon what I'm cooking) feed my dinosaurs their egg shells right back to them. Still free choice oyster shell on the side, of course - they don't get as much calcium back in shell form as they put into making them in the first place. Perfectly fine.

Human morality, and the morality of nature herself, seem to have diverged greatly in the past few thousand years.


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Jan 18, 2008
I do and they love them! I don’t think they really know they come from themselves anyway and actually, if you’ve ever had a broody hen, they usually clean up the nest by themselves by eating all the shells and gunk leftover! So they will naturally eat them anyway. So it’s fine!

That said though, feeding them chicken meat feels wrong to me and I wouldn’t do that, but egg shells are fine and it’s not cannibalism or anything like that. And there are people that do feed them chicken meat and they love it but but just not for me. Other types of poultry like turkey etc. are fine but chicken feels wrong lol

Sorry, I know not what you asked but just wanted to say I do understand being concerned about it or whatever but shells are perfectly fine!!

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