Anyone feed their ducks milo?


10 Years
Feb 28, 2009
We have milo almost ready to cut from the field. Do you think it would be OK to give the ducks a few heads of milo to peck at once in awhile?
Milo isn't one of the more palatable or better grains to feed but I do include it in my ration, simply because when I had screenings available the birds ate it. It has about 75% of the nutritional value of corn from what I've been told. I figure it in the ration as I do all the other grains and make adjustments as necessary. I do not include as much of it as I do the other grains. The scratch my feed mill makes includes more of it than any other grain because it's cheap.

When I was younger I heard that they about bred the taste out of milo trying to make it less desirable to insects. Problem was, nothing else liked it, either.

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