Anyone had a chicken recover from Salpingitis?

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Just curious since I see a lot of posts about hens dying...has anyone had a he. Recover from Salpingitis caught early? My vet diagnosed one of my girls with it yesterday. No lash eggs but there was some swelling and pain in her ovary. No swollen abdomen. She is now on baytril. After reading all the horror stories I emailed her about the prognosis and she told me she has had good luck treating it when caught early. But I'm wondering if she's just trying to make me feel better...she acts fine except for not wanting to eat her chicken food. Only things that have enticed her so far are grapes cucumber and a few fresh pumpkins seeds. I'm hoping someone has some positive outcomes.

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    I'm sorry you're having trouble.

    Salpingitis (inflammation/infection of the oviduct) if caught early can sometimes be successfully treated with antibiotics. Long-term health is usually case-by-case. There is no way to know how well she will respond to treatment and how long she will stay healthy. If your vet feels positive about treatment, then go by what she has told you.

    You may want to try giving her some wet feed with some chopped egg or tuna mixed in. This may entice her to eat her normal feed which would be essential in her recovery.

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