Anyone hatching around the 18th of march?


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My hens have been laying fore a while and I got a LG incubator for christmas and have used it once with no success. But now I am on day 12 and there are some major veins. I am SO excited. So if you are hatching around the same time we can share our pics and info and track the hatching with each other. So even if you dont have any around this time yuo can track with us. Thanks and sending hatching vibes to all, -Jay
Hi Jay, I have eggs in the bator due to hatch the 15th! What are you incubating? This is my 2nd time with my bator since I 1st got it, I had a lousy hatch rate last time, I have currently 10 bbred eggs from my own flock as well as several different eggs I bought from a BYC member. All my eggs look good & the others are maybes.
Good hatching vibes sent your way!
Did they hatch? Sorry im coming back so late but they are Buff Orp crossed with (I think) Ameraucana. Two that were due friday have hatched one thats due on wednesday has pipped. Goodluck, -Jay
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Im new to this site and its been of great help even before I registered. I have some eggs that are due to hatch on the 20th. This is my first attempt to incubate eggs. I started with 9 shipped eggs bought off e-bay. After 7 days I culled 2, the remaining 7 were candled yesterday and all had movement. I just moved them to the hatcher today. I bought some more eggs and they are in incubator now.
Congrats, hope they hatch for ya!! Dont forget to read up on the stuff you must do with the eggs, like humidity increased to 60-70%, and dont turn the eggs or open the incubator at day eighteen. If you need anymore help let me know, -Jay
Thanks! They are all settle down in the hatcher for their last 3 days. Temp is 100.6 and humidity is 68%. I am useing a digital that shows temp and humidity. Only one hiccup durring my first incubation attempt and it was a power outage for about 3 hours. It happen while I was at work. I candled the eggs yesterday and all had movement and you can see the the eggs wiggle a bit in the hatcher today so I hope all will be ok. Im 40 years old and have raised chickens all my life but the wait is about to kill me!

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