Anyone have a house duck?


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Does anyone have a duck that lives in the house like a dog or cat and is spoiled rotten?

I love the Muscovy girls but they have been raised outside since hatching.

Now, I have George the Cayuga duckling and I would LOVE to make him a house duck and take him with me everywhere....... get him a duck diaper and leash, etc.
I can easily see him being spoiled ROTTEN!!LOL

Has anyone else done this? I am assuming yes, otherwise a gal on here wouldnt have created the duck diapers, etc.

Hubby thinks I am crazy but he also isnt surprised. I joked this weekend about getting a baby sling and packing George around in it all day. He was surprised when he got home yesterday from work that I hadnt whipped up something with my sewing machine!LOL
There are a few with house ducks. Nettie, the lady who makes the harnesses and diaper stuff for them, has 6 indoor ducks. Her and her sweetie live in a condo in Chicago
A few years ago I bought a duckling from the feed store for my daughter for easter. She was a house duck while we had her, until about 4 months old. Eventually I just felt too bad, she needed another duck for company, and she was just too messy to even think about getting her an inside friend. She went to live with a friend and her ducks outside where she was happier. If you plan on having one inside duck make sure you have tons of time for him, if you do take him with you everywhere I think he'd be pretty happy. If I would have had more time to spend with Lucy so she wasn't so lonely she would have made a great pet, but at the time I had to take my daughter to several dr's appts and therapists every week, and didn't think it was fair to my poor lil duck.
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I am a SAHM who homeschools her kids and runs a daycare so I am home 24/7 basically!LOL
Weekends I may be out and about running errands but either my teenage sons and/or my hubby are home.
He would get spoiled......

We are hoping HE is a she once they are grown up..... then SHE would definitely go live outside with the other ducks and chickens. But we do not want a boy duck, we traded our 2 Muscovy drakes for hens for that reason. Thinking the chickens were "pretty" all the time wasnt for us and we didnt want to have to explain birds and bees to the daycare kids if we got Muscovy hens for them...... so we traded them instead for some hens.

If George stays a George...... it will break my heart to rehome him so am thinking about teaching him to be a house duck now as well as ability to go outside and MAYBE I can keep him if he stays a he.....crossing fingers that George becomes Georgette!
Snipes started in indoor duck thread on here a while ago- it would be a fair way back now though- but there are quite a few people on here with indoor ducks. I have one that lives inside due to disability.

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