Anyone have a temperature reading on their "heated" waterers?

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  1. I've been experimenting here in the freezing cold and have kept a log on the temperatures for one of my experiments which I thought was the most hopeful.
    Is anyone else tracking the actual temperature of their water? What are your readings?

    I'm shooting for a warmer water really... something in the 50-60 degree range and I wondered how the other methods were doing?

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    I don't check my water temperature. If it doesn't freeze, I'm happy. I don't think the hens care if it is any higher temp than liquid.
  3. I figured most would feel the same way, but it is always worth asking. I am certain that warmer water is better, after all when I stick my own hand in the just above freezing water, it hurts and I know that the colder it is, the less of it they will drink. And with that goes my egg production, which I do not want.

    With a once per day top off of tap water @ 107 degrees Fahrenheit (about 25% of the bucket), it seems I can keep my waterers in the 55 degree range when the temperatures dip into the single digits at night and stay freezing during the day.

    When the temps hovered around and just above freezing, the water stays in the upper 60's.

    My test bucket was in the shade and saw no sun so I'm very hopeful for the ones that will be exposed to some daytime sun.

    I'll post pics later of my buckets setup, since it's the theme these last couple of weeks.

    Would be great to hear from anyone who does have readings too.. or some idea of the overall temp.

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