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    I'm currently using a friend's Little Giant still air incubator, but I'm considering buying my own. Given my experience with the Little Giant I don't think I want one of those. I found this link on craigslist, and I was wondering if anyone else had purchased an incubator from them. The prices seem reasonable compared to others I've seen. Any feedback is much appreciated!

    I could probably coerce my husband into building me an incubator, but it's really hot here, and he's beyond tired of building things for my chickens.
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    i have seen them and you could get a smaller one that is holds a little giant egg turner, if you don't wanna hatch that many eggs.......... it looks like it works very well, and then there are the cabinet incubators, they look cool as well,,,,,,, it doesn't cost too much more than trying to make one, so if i had the money i'd go for it, but i made one for a nice cheap 20 dollars, and it is a coleman cooler incubator,,,,,, i got 9 out of 9 hatch rate
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    Well, I can't see myself hatching 100+ eggs at a time, so I probably don't need an incubator as big as what they've got, but I do like the cabinet ones with a hatching drawer. And who knows. Maybe I'll want to do more incubating. [​IMG]

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